Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Catering Company

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When it comes to hosting an event, food and beverages should be at the top of your list! Excellent catering can quickly turn a simple celebration into a fabulous occasion. However, poor catering can just as easily transform a fun party into a dreadful nightmare, which shows you how critical your choice of caterers is when organizing an event.

The catering company you pick should have the capacity to provide for a variety of dietary preferences, create a menu that wows your guests, and offer services that raise the bar of your event. Moreover, they must be able to provide these services within a budget that is acceptable to you.

To help you find a full-service catering company that can fulfill your needs, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a catering company.

1. Dietary concerns.

An A+ event caterer should be mindful of specialty diets and religious food restrictions. They should be able to offer a varied menu with substitutions that fit the necessities of allergies, sensitivities, and diets such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, low carb, kosher, halal, and so on. Also, for special diets and religious dietary cautions they should keep a close guard on cross contamination with utensils and ingredients.


A professional event caterer will provide a prompt quote with details of food items, and service fees within a day of the inquiry by the customer. If your caterer delays getting back to you within this time frame, be cautious as they may be tardy when it comes to meeting your catering requirements on the day of your occasion.

3. Local produce.

An excellent event caterer chooses local suppliers for raw ingredients and ready-made food to support small and local business to build the community, help the local economy, and lower their carbon footprint. Oryan Catering works closely with local bakeries for fresh bread and pastries, and all of our fruit and vegetable arrive weekly from a local family-owned fresh produce distributor. Our staff comprises of locally trained chefs and cooks. Also, many of our service staff include local students because we like being a part of the Guelph and greater Wellington region community.

4. Event space.

A+ event caterers should be able to provide references for event space or be able to offer an event space for clients to host events outside their home or office. We offer event space for up to forty people and can also recommend spaces from within our community. We’ve been a big part of Guelph and have many connections with party and event spaces in the area.

5. Freshness and taste.

Expert event caterers keep a close watch over freshness and taste of the menu items. This includes temperature control for hot and cold foods and maintaining seasonal menus with a variety of taste profiles from continental style, Indian spice, and Mediterranean herbs.

At Oryan Catering, our staff is committed to bringing your ideas to life, especially when it comes to menus which we design to please the eye and the palate. We also provide venues, entertainment, flowers, and decorative arrangements, so you don’t have to stress. Besides our amazing food and add-on services, we also provide value for money that’s second to none!

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